24/02/2023 – The concert will take place at H18:00 at Istituto Svizzero, via Liguria 20, Rome.

Composer and musician Alvin Curran along with Sound Arts students from the Bern Academy of the Arts (HKB) will play the concert titled A letter to Giacinto Scelsi at Istituto Svizzero. This performance is part of a research project of the Sound Arts department at HKB together with the Fondazione Scelsi in Rome. Together, Curran and the students will channel their inner Scelsi to connect with this unique composer’s world.

Alvin Curran (1938) is an American composer, sound artist, writer, and educator who has lived in Rome for many years. Over the course of his vast career, he has created sound installations, solo performance pieces, radio works, choreographic works, environmental concerts, and music for string quartets, chamber ensembles, and saxophone quartets. Many of his works combine acoustic instrumentation with electronics and taped/sampled sounds, including voices, fog horns, and sounds from nature such as wind, water, and animal noises. He is the co-founder with Frederic Rzewski, Allan Bryant and Richard Teitelbaum of the Roman free improvisation group Musica Elettronica Viva.

Free entry, register to participate here.