With over. 48,000 titles of monographs and publications, the library of the Swiss Institute provides researchers with an important collection related to the antiquity, and classical archaeology, with particular reference to the territory of Rome and Lazio, history, art history, musicology, architecture, philology. The library has an important collection of Italian and Swiss literature and a rich collection of art catalogs purchased on occasion of exhibitions, and publications related to the research of the Institute. The Swiss Institute offers its users a place dedicated to listening to the sound heritage of the Swiss National Sound Archives. The historical and contemporary sound heritage is digitized by the Sound Archives and made available in various libraries via the Internet. The library of the Swiss Institute is the only library in Italy to offer this service.

The digitization of some of collections, relevant for the history of the institution and for the history of the research in different topics such as archaeology, philology, history of art and contemporary art is currently under construction/in progress. The project has the aim to preserve and share some important cultural objects, increasing access to cultural treasures to enable knowledge and scholarship.

Attualmente è in fase di realizzazione un progetto di digitalizzazione di alcune collezioni che hanno rilevanza per la storia dell’istituzione e per la storia della ricerca storica intrapresa in diversi ambiti disciplinari, tra cui l’archeologia, la filologia, la storia dell’arte e l’arte contemporanea. Il progetto intende preservare e condividere alcuni importanti oggetti culturali, favorire l’accesso ai patrimoni culturali per incoraggiare la conoscenza e lo studio.

Librarian: Romina Pallotto

Via Ludovisi, 48 – 00187 Roma

P. (+39) 06-42042203
M. biblioteca@istitutosvizzero.it

Access: by appointment only

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